GoPro: Justin Lucas loses a giant

Apr 1, 2014

Watch as Elite Series angler Justin Lucas loses a giant on the final day of the St John's River Elite.

Sweepstakes winner catches monsters with Palaniuk

Mar 27, 2014

Watch as Gerard Rigor shows off the bass monsters he caught with Brandon Palaniuk after winning the "Fish With Palaniuk" sweepstakes.

Walker's tail-walkin' 5-pounder

Mar 25, 2014

GoPro cameras capture David Walker's Day 4 5-pounder on the St. Johns River

See Dean Rojas' final day charge

Mar 25, 2014

Watch as Elite Series pro Dean Rojas rallies on Day 4 to finish 2nd overall in the St. Johns River Elite.

Slo mo highlights from the St. Johns River

Mar 24, 2014

We s-l-o-w it down in this video that captures the Day 3 action from the Bassmaster Elite at the St. Johns River.

Nice catch, Chris Lane!

Mar 23, 2014

Chris Lane catches a 4-pounder on the final day on St. John's.

War Room: Day 4 update

Mar 23, 2014

War Room: Top baits

Mar 23, 2014

What are the top baits used during the Bassmaster Elite at St. Johns River? Find out in this War Room update from Dave Mercer.

War Room: Shaw Grigsby talks St. Johns

Mar 22, 2014

GoPro: Best catches on St. Johns Part I

Mar 22, 2014

Get up-close with the Elite Series pros as they bring in their best catches on the St. Johns River.