Livewell: 3 questions with Zona and Mercer

Nov 21, 2014

Mark Zona and Dave Mercer join Tommy Sanders on this week's Livewell answering the big three questions in bass fishing.

When to use a crankbait

Nov 20, 2014

In this video, learn about the different types of crankbaits and when to use them.

Life of Bass- Bass life cycle

Nov 14, 2014

Get an inside look at the Life of Bass

Menendez on punching rigs

Nov 14, 2014

Elite pro Mark Menendez shows how he rigs a punching rig.

Brett Preuett presented with new truck and boat

Nov 13, 2014

ULM's Brett Preuett will travel and compete in the 2015 GEICO Bassmaster Classic in style.

Brett Preuett shows off his Toyota Tundra and Nitro Z8

Nov 13, 2014

Cahartt College Series 2015 Bassmaster Classic qualifier Brett Preuett shows off his new Toyota Tundra and Nitro Z8.

When to throw what with Chad Pipkens

Nov 12, 2014

Elite Series pro Chad Pipkens walks us through some of the subtle differences when choosing to throw a ChatterBait or a spinnerbait.

Life of Bass: Baitfish

Nov 3, 2014

Livewell talks B.A.S.S. Brawl

Oct 20, 2014

Tommy Sanders talks to Randy Howell and David Walker about the B.A.S.S. Brawl.

How to punch with Brandon Palaniuk

Oct 19, 2014

Brandon Palaniuk breaks down his approach to punching up bass in the fall.