Mark Tyler - Top Water Hooks

Nov 4, 2009

Mark Tyler gives you tips on adding hooks to topwater.

Weekend Warrior - Ep. 8

Oct 23, 2009

Stacy Twiggs talks about how splitting costs and combining experience can be a great advantage of fishing in a B.A.S.S. Federation Nation club.

Flutter Spoon - Fishing - Ep. 3

Oct 22, 2009

Get tips on how to fish with a flutter spoon.

Mark Tyler- Stinger on Swimbait

Oct 21, 2009

Mark Tyler shows you how to add a stinger hook to swimbait.

Fred Roumbanis - Swimbait Weights

Oct 21, 2009

B.A.S.S. pro, Fred Roumbanis, shows you how to add weights to spinnerbaits.

Weekend Warrior - Ep. 7

Oct 15, 2009

Stacy Twiggs previews the 2009 B.A.S.S. Federation Nation Championship.

Fred Roumbanis - Burning Jig

Oct 15, 2009

B.A.S.S. pro, Fred Roumbanis, on burning a swim jig.

Gerald Swindle - Backwater

Oct 15, 2009

B.A.S.S. pro, Gerald Swindle, on fishing backwater.

Flutter Spoon - Electronics - Ep. 2

Oct 13, 2009

This episode is a guide for how to use sonar to help bait fish.

Flutter Spoon - Gear Up - Ep. 1

Oct 12, 2009

In this episode learn how to prepare your fishing gear for a day out on the water.