Delaware River update with Jay Kumar

Aug 8, 2014

Morning check-in with Mike Iaconelli and other pros on Day 3 at the Delaware River.

GoPro: Day 2 with James Elam on the Delaware

Aug 8, 2014

Head out with Elite Series pro James Elam to see how he faired on Day 2 at the Delaware.

GoPro: Delaware Day 1 recap

Aug 7, 2014

Hop on the boat with Elite Series pros as they attack the Delaware River on Day 1.

Outboard maintenance tips

Aug 6, 2014

Once you've bought a used boat, here are some tips to maintain your outboard motor.

Beginners: Understanding current

Aug 5, 2014

An important part of bass fishing is understanding how the water moves and how you can use that to your advantage.

Mark Menendez likes big crankbaits

Aug 3, 2014

Elite Series pro Mark Menendez discusses why he likes using oversized crankbaits and where to throw them.

DeFoe talks crankbaits

Aug 3, 2014

Elite Series pro Ott DeFoe details some of his favorite crankbaits.

Ike talks popper-style lures

Aug 3, 2014

Elite Series pro Michael Iaconelli offers tips for modifying and retrieving popper-style lures.

Lucas is loving Berkley's Slim Shad

Jul 31, 2014

One of the ways Justin Lucas is making his name known on the Elite Series this year — the Berkley Slim Shad.

Beginners: Pond fishing

Jul 29, 2014

Jerry McKinnis shows you how to fish a pond for bass.