Latest Tournament News

Another look at Jocumsen

Apr 15, 2015

A look at the exciting Australian angler as he makes himself known on the Elite Series.

A sight fishing clinic for a newbie Marshal

Apr 15, 2015

By Bassmaster Marshal Lee Means I was number 77 on the waiting list to be a Bassmaster Marshal for the Diet Mtn Dew Bassmaster Elite at Lake Guntersville. The Big G has become my new home lake since moving from Chattanooga, Tenn., to Madison, Ala., two years ago. Four short years ago I began fishing from the banks of the Nickajack and Chickamauga. I bought my first boat only a year ago and have become obsessed with the sport of bass fishing.

Reese grateful, but not giving up his check

Apr 15, 2015

After helping Skeet Reese to a victory in the Diet Mountain Dew Bassmaster Elite at Lake Guntersville, Byron Velvick wasn’t the least bit bitter about coming in second. He said he knows the favor will be repaid a thousand times over. Reese agreed with that notion, adding one disclaimer. “I’m not giving him my check,” said a grinning Reese after winning the $100,000 first-place prize. “But that kind of thing always comes back to a guy down the road.”

LIVE Rewind: Guntersville

Apr 15, 2015

See clips from the Guntersville edition of Bassmaster LIVE presented by Lowrance.

Hackney: They don't jump in the boat

Apr 15, 2015

Finishing 96th on the second or third best bass lake in the country will give you a real good perspective.

Guntersville's dream-making bridges

Apr 15, 2015

You wouldn't think Lake Guntersville's many bridges had any dream-fulfilling power left in them.

GoPro: Brent Ehrler and son

Apr 15, 2015

Watch this beautifully shot GoPro video of Brent Ehrler showing his son the joy of fishing.

Why Reese rocks the black and yellow

Apr 15, 2015

Guntersville champ Skeet Reese answered fan questions after his win.

Best of the blog: Guntersville Elite

Apr 15, 2015

Check out the best of the best blog photos sent in from the water during the Diet Mtn Dew Bassmaster Elite at Lake Guntersville.

GoPro: Skeet seals the deal on G-Ville

Apr 14, 2015

Tag along with Skeet Reese as he takes the title in impressive fashion on the final day of the Diet Mtn Dew Bassmaster Elite at Lake Guntersville.