Sight fishing with Justin Lucas

Apr 12, 2014

Hop in the boat with Justin Lucas as he sight fishes on the St Johns River.

Gerald Swindle: Sounds of the game

Apr 8, 2014

Get in Gerald Swindle's head as he sight fishes on the St. Johns.

St. Johns River breakdown, Part 2

Apr 2, 2014

If you remember, last week we were talking about Day 2 and the 37-pound, 9-ounce sack I brought to the scales. Here’s the rest of the St. Johns River story.

Why Chris Lane says 'Pow!'

Apr 2, 2014

Chris Lane told fans in a Twitter chat that his signature phrase just popped out when he was excited at the 2012 Bassmaster Classic.

GoPro: Justin Lucas loses a giant

Apr 1, 2014

Watch as Elite Series angler Justin Lucas loses a giant on the final day of the St John's River Elite.

The St. Johns River breakdown, Part 1

Mar 28, 2014

I’m going to tell the story, the complete story, of my tournament on the St. Johns River.

Walker's tail-walkin' 5-pounder

Mar 25, 2014

GoPro cameras capture David Walker's Day 4 5-pounder on the St. Johns River

See Dean Rojas' final day charge

Mar 25, 2014

Watch as Elite Series pro Dean Rojas rallies on Day 4 to finish 2nd overall in the St. Johns River Elite.

Slo mo highlights from the St. Johns River

Mar 24, 2014

We s-l-o-w it down in this video that captures the Day 3 action from the Bassmaster Elite at the St. Johns River.

Strong bets and letdowns in Fantasy

Mar 24, 2014

Chris Lane and Mark Davis did great work for their Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing owners. Edwin Evers and Shaw Grigsby were overrated by their fans.