Bassmaster BASSfest at Chickamauga Lake Chickamauga Lake - Dayton, TN, Jun 11 - 15, 2014


BASSfest through the eyes of Don Barone

Jun 25, 2014

Don Barone takes you through his experience behind the scenes and with his Elite "family" at BASSfest.

How Swindle tackled BASSfest

Jun 24, 2014

Elite Series pro Gerald Swindle came in 4th and won $32,000 at BASSfest on Chickamauga. Find out how he did it.

The best Marshal photos from BASSfest

Jun 19, 2014

During Bassmaster BASSfest, we asked our Marshals to send in on-the-water photos of the pros in action. Here are some of the best Marshal photos we received over five days of competition.

Casey Ashley's BASSfest strategy

Jun 19, 2014

Elite Series pro Casey Ashley came in 7th and won $17,000 at BASSfest on Chickamauga. Find out how he did it.

Best of BASSfest GoPro stills

Jun 18, 2014

Throughout BASSfest we ran GoPro cameras on our anglers boats to capture all the action. We compiled a gallery of stills that we pulled from that footage. We sent these stills over to Garrick Dixon for a little post production love and here's what we came up with.

Final BASSfest weigh-in

Jun 15, 2014

See how the top 12 finished at BASSfest!

Day 5 with Herren

Jun 15, 2014

Steve Bowman shares Matt Herren's final day on Chickamauga Lake.

On Chick with the champ

Jun 15, 2014

B.A.S.S. photographer James Overstreet spent the day with leader Jacob Wheeler as he put together his winning bag on Chickamauga Lake.

BASSfest: Day 5 behind the scenes

Jun 15, 2014

Go behind the scenes on the final day of BASSfest.

On the water with VanDam and Swindle

Jun 15, 2014

Two of bass fishing's biggest names look for glory on Chickamauga Lake on the final day of BASSfest.