2011 Southern Open #2 - Day One - WI

Mar 24, 2011

Feel like your at the day two weigh-in for the 2011 Southern Open #2 with this photo album. The Southern Open #2 was held on Lake Norman, South Carolina.

2011 Southern Open #2 - Day One - OTW

Mar 24, 2011

Go on the water with your favorite B.A.S.S. pro on day two of the 2011 Southern Open #2.

Walker takes less is more theory

Mar 24, 2011

Practice "went great" for David Walker, despite the fact he didn't catch many fish on Lake Norman

2011 Southern Open #2 - Day One - Launch

Mar 24, 2011

This photo gallery features images from the day one launch, at the 2011 Southern Open #2.

2011 Southern Open #2 - Registration

Mar 23, 2011

This photo album contains images from registration day for the 2011 Southern Open #2.

Plenty of small fish

Mar 23, 2011

Plenty of small fish to be had on Lake Norman at the 2011 Southern Open #2 in North Carolina

Southern Opens continues on Lake Norman

Mar 23, 2011

Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster 2011 Southern Opens continue with tournament on Lake Norman.

2011 Southern Open #2 - Gerald Swindle

Mar 22, 2011

Follow Gerald Swindle as he competes in the 2011 Southern Open #2.

Moon over Norman

Mar 21, 2011

On March 19, 2011, the full moon was closer to the earth than it had been in 16 years. This celestial event is called a "Supermoon."

Norman countdown

Mar 7, 2011

The snow has been gone for a few weeks now, and the ice is off the pond up the hill from my humble southern Ohio abode. I keep threatening to hike to the pond with a few rods and limber up my casting arm.