Lunker Lessons: Lake Amistad

Mar 16, 2009

Ike at the 2009 Batteries Battle on the Border held on Lake Amistad.

Five limits that weren't at Amistad

Mar 15, 2009

Five pros failed to catch limits in the final. Here's why.

2009 Battle on the Border: Day Four

Mar 15, 2009

VanDamage, Duckett's waning bite and Faircloth's suddenly un-magic tree

Back in the Game at Amistad

Mar 15, 2009

After subpar finishes in 2008, Lintner, Browning and Short return to the top 12

Leaders and Movers at Amistad

Mar 15, 2009

Final day turning into battle of consistency versus big bags

Battle on the Border: Day Three

Mar 14, 2009

The sun comes out, key waters clear up and Bobby Lane drags his Power-Poles

The perils of sharing at Amistad

Mar 14, 2009

James Niggemeyer or Michael Iaconelli? Even a great spot could carry only one of the anglers splitting it

Battle on the Border: Un-lucky thirteen

Mar 14, 2009

Kelly Jordon finishes mere 7 ounces from top-12 cut at Lake Amistad

Consistent Texan Jones

Mar 14, 2009

Consistent Texan Alton Jones looks for home-state victory at Lake Amistad

Amistad: If at First. . .

Mar 14, 2009

How does Missouri pro Mark Tucker handle early adversity?