Classic is like Cape Canaveral

Feb 21, 2008

Mike McClelland, SPRO dream of ultimate launchpad for new stickbait

Practice winds down

Feb 21, 2008

Anglers spend day hoping right bite blows their way at the 2008 Bassmaster Classic

Practice Day: Three Questions

Feb 21, 2008

Classic anglers responded to three questions on the final day of practice before the action begins.

What to Ask, What NOT to ask

Feb 21, 2008

Learning curves are all part of covering his first Classic. Don finds out that media days are not held inside a locker room, and the questions anglers really want to be asked.

Practice makes perfect

Feb 20, 2008

Skeet Reese talks about AOY, Classic and life outside fishing

Pounding the 'Magical Trees'

Feb 20, 2008

2008 Bassmaster Classic: Practice Day

Classic on the line

Feb 20, 2008

Vote for your favorite video from when Bassmaster Classics were on the line

Classic Practice Day

Feb 20, 2008

BASS asked several top competitors what they expected to accomplish on Wednesday, February 20, the last chance to practice before the 2008 Bassmaster Classic

Basically Screwed

Feb 20, 2008

It's Practice Day for the 50 Elite anglers. That's what the PR people are calling it in the hand out they gave me when I stumbled upon the media center while out hunting for something to eat.

2008 Bassmaster Classic

Feb 19, 2008

In this photo gallery you will see the 2008 Bassmaster Classic registration.