A fast start and a big finish

Jul 23, 2005

There is one factor that separates the Big Show from the rest

General info for 2005 Classic events

Jul 19, 2005

In this article, you can read the general schedule and information for events for the 2005 Bassmaster Classic.

Finding a niche in Pittsburgh

Jul 18, 2005

If you're coming to Pittsburgh for the Bassmaster Classic, here are some additional attractions in the area.

2005 Bassmaster Classic: Fringe benefits

Jun 20, 2005

"It was the landmark accomplishment of my career," said 1991 champion Ken Cook. "It was the achievement that brought me to the top of the mountain professionally and has made a big difference in the rest of my life."

Three Rivers area presents a Classic challenge

Jun 6, 2005

Pittsburgh's three rivers harbor three species of bass

2005 Bassmaster Classic: Federation anglers

May 26, 2005

Part of the lore and allure of the CITGO Bassmaster Classic has always been the storybook participation of the fishermen who climb through the BASS Federation amateur ranks to earn a shot at winning professional fishing's crowning event.

2005 CITGO Bassmaster Classic Payout

Apr 13, 2005

2005 CITGO Bassmaster Classic Payout

2005 Bassmaster Classic: Clunn comeback

Apr 8, 2005

"I wasn't always fishing to win, and that was a direct departure from previous years," Clunn said. "I was going for quality fish instead of using my knowledge, and I just wasn't having fun."

Classic qualifers relaxed

Mar 16, 2005

Having the Classic "made" at such an early date takes some of the pressure off