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The skinny on heavy weights

Aug 17, 2011

When is the biggest flipping weight on the market not quite big enough?

Elite anglers join Reins Tungsten

Feb 7, 2011

West Palm Beach, FL - Reins Fishing announced today that it is partnering with Bassmaster Elite Series anglers Bill Lowen, Ott Defoe and Cliff Crochet to promote its line of tungsten products. Reins is Japan's top tungsten supplier.

Marty Stone: The benefits of tungsten for all anglers

Nov 3, 2010

Elite Angler Marty Stone explains that tungsten allows him to feel more bites whether he's flipping or dragging a Carolina rig in 30 feet of water. Because tungsten is harder than lead, it translates bottom composition and structure and helps you to understand what's going on down there.

Droppin' down under

Nov 7, 2007

Despite the drop shot's widespread popularity, it seems only a few anglers have seen the magic it can wield in ridiculously deep water.

One Knocker returns

Sep 21, 2007

In this article, you can read about Alton Jones' choice at the red-hot Texas reservoir, Lake Amistad.