Topics: Tips

New Year's Resolutions

Jan 1, 2008

One of my favorite resolutions is to go out and fish four smallmouth waters that I've never fished before.

Keeping Records

Dec 26, 2007

It's never too early to start keeping fishing records, advises Mike Baskett, a 2008 Bassmaster Classic qualifier.

Strike Zone

Dec 4, 2007

The pros explain why it's so important to learn the 'strike zone'.

Jigging a Swimbait

Nov 16, 2007

Grant Goldbeck explains how he trick-out your bait.

Droppin' down under

Nov 7, 2007

Despite the drop shot's widespread popularity, it seems only a few anglers have seen the magic it can wield in ridiculously deep water.

The complete spoon fisherman

Nov 7, 2007

Bass fishermen everywhere know how effective a jigging spoon can be in catching fish, but few, if any, have ever experienced the lure's explosive action quite the way Mark Stevenson has.

Fishing the float-n-fly

Nov 7, 2007

In truth, the Float-N-Fly technique is intricate to a high degree and carefully refined through years of testing. The result is a presentation that just may be the best ever devised for catching cold water bass.

A Weedguard, Not a Fishguard

Nov 6, 2007

Standard weedguards are designed to be fished on lines from 15-pound-test on up. When you use those same jigs with lighter line, or when you start fishing deeper, that weedguard becomes, in effect, a fishguard.

Wake Bait Awakening!

Nov 1, 2007

"When you see a shad separated from a school, you will see a little wake," explains Elite pro Brian Snowden. "The bass thinks the waking bait is an injured or separated baitfish. To a feeding bass, that's an easy meal."

Refresher for Fishing The Fall

Nov 1, 2007

As days grow shorter and air temperatures become more comfortable, the water temperature drops and baitfish get more active. Throw in a cool rain and substantial cold front and the game is on.