Topics: Tips

New Strategies for Shallow Water

May 7, 2008

Tips for new techniques and why you don't have to avoid drop-shotting anymore.

Hook Set Success

May 5, 2008

As a lifelong angler in the heart of smallmouth bass country, I've had the privilege of introducing lots and lots of largemouth anglers to brown bass fishing. Some of them have been really good fishermen, but most of them have had a lot of trouble getting the hang of smallmouth fishing.

The Bluegill/Bass Connection

May 1, 2008

Bluegill beds are prime locations for feeding bass. Jason Quinn gives us tips on tracking them down.

Kevin Wirth

May 1, 2008

Kevin Wirth's confidence and work ethics have made him a champ in many sports.

World's Greatest Fishing Show - Episode 2

Apr 29, 2008

Mark Zona and James Hall talk about how they found a 16 inch bass eating a 13 inch bass.

World's Greatest Fishing Show - Episode 3

Apr 29, 2008

In this episode James Hall out fishes Mark Zona.

World's Greatest Fishing Show - Episode 4

Apr 29, 2008

Mark Zona and James Hall talk about how the right lure can make the difference.

Boyd Duckett: Drop Shot

Apr 28, 2008

Boyd Ducketts explains how to use the drop shot properly, you'll catch more fish that way.

Boyd Duckett: Shad Rap

Apr 28, 2008

According to Boyd Duckett, you won't find a crankbait that catches more fish than a Shad Rap, but it does have it's drawbacks.

Byron Velvick: Overcoming the cold

Apr 28, 2008

Elite Series pro Byron Velvick gives us tips on Spring fishing in cold weather.