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Test Your Angler IQ - Takahiro Omori

Sep 15, 2008

Takahiro Omori, faced a difficult decision on his Classic win. In an area with low visibility, of about 1 to 3 ft. of water, what did he choose?

Test Your Angler IQ - Timmy Horton

Sep 15, 2008

Facing new water, should Timmy Horton stick with his favorite lures?

Test Your Angler IQ - Zell Rowland

Sep 15, 2008

Zell Rowland faces a dilemma, where his trusty pattern from his first 3 days, is not working anymore. What should he do?

Bassmaster U - Citrus Slam

Sep 11, 2008

Todd Auten, Stephen Browning, Chris Lane and Steve Daniel talk about fishings trials and tribulations.

Bassmaster U -Tennessee Triumph

Sep 11, 2008

Edwin Evers, Aaron Martens, Jimmy Mize, Derek Remitz & Terry Butcher answer questions about fishin in Tennessee.

Bassmaster U - Southern Challenge

Sep 11, 2008

Kevin Short, James Kennedy, Wade Grooms and Ken Cook talk about fishing in the south.

Bassmaster U - Carolina Clash

Sep 11, 2008

Guy Eaker, Pat Golden, Ben Matsubu and Jason Williamson talk about fishing in the Carolinas.

Bassmaster U - Bluegrass Brawl

Sep 11, 2008

Mark Menendez, David Sherrer, Randy Allen, Tommy Biffle and Charlie Hartley talk about fishing.

Bassmaster U - Empire Chase

Sep 11, 2008

Ken Cook, Dean Rojas, Kurt Dove & Paul Hirosky talk about fishing.

School Lessons

Sep 9, 2008

People everywhere, including Bassmaster Elite Series pros, still use lures from the past with astonishing success.