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Day on the Lake - Lake Caroline

Nov 25, 2008

Go on the Lake with B.A.S.S. pro Bink Desaro on Lake Caroline, Mississippi.

Day on the Lake - Lake Mitchell II

Nov 25, 2008

Go on the lake with B.A.S.S. pro Steve Daniel on Lake Mitchell, Alabama.

6 Keys to a New Bait

Nov 12, 2008

They know what a new bait will, and will not, do for them. And most importantly, they develop confidence that it will work.

Winter tactics

Nov 12, 2008

Thousands of Bassmasters nationwide fish small bodies of water: reclaimed mining pits, county and state park lakes, stock ponds, pothole lakes, pay lakes, even golf course water hazards.

Mark Davis - Carolina Rigs

Nov 12, 2008

Mark Davis on how to use Carolina rigs.

Boat cleaning

Nov 11, 2008

As head of the state of Washington's aquatic invasive species task force, Eric Anderson is responsible for training commercial inspectors, field officers and the general public on how to detect and control the spread of invasive species, particularly quagga and zebra mussels.

New Prescriptions

Nov 11, 2008

Since BASS released the booklet Keeping Bass Alive, a Guidebook for Anglers and Tournament Organizers, there have been many new innovations and techniques in fish care that anglers and tournament directors should know about.

Advance your learning curve

Nov 6, 2008

Qualify for the Bassmaster Elite Series and compete against the world's best sticks. That goal involves spending time on the Bassmaster Open circuit, which many now view as the perfect training ground

Prime targets for fall spinnerbaits

Nov 5, 2008

Fall bass fishing can be tough at times. With the fish caught in transition between late summer locations and their eventual winter haunts, where do you start fishing and what do you throw?

Tapping Smallmouth in the abyss

Nov 5, 2008

In his never-ending pursuit of trophy smallmouth, Chris Johnson often works the abyss.