Topics: Tips

Clark Reehm - Tricking out a Jon Boat

Jan 20, 2009

Clark Reehm on how to trick out your Jon boat.

Boyd Duckett on Reel Cleaning

Jan 20, 2009

B.A.S.S. pro, Boyd Duckett, demonstrates the proper way to clean a reel.

Shaw Grigsby - Drop Shot

Jan 16, 2009

Shaw Grigsby will show you how to use a dropshot on suspended fish.

Subtle buzzing tactics

Jan 13, 2009

Brent Chapman gives us tips on buzzbait and when to change the volume.

Terry Butcher - Using a Spook

Jan 12, 2009

B.A.S.S. pro, Terry Butcher, talks about using a spook.

Shallow Bass

Jan 6, 2009

BASS pro Tim Horton guides us to the best winter fishing locations and how to catch them.

Back to School

Dec 27, 2008

I get to meet a lot of fishermen in my work, and I love talking with them. Fishermen are the salt of the earth and some of the best people you could ever meet.

Get on the bus!

Dec 19, 2008

When I was approached to do this blog for I did it with the understanding that I'd need to be open and honest and tell some secrets.

Skirt Selection

Dec 15, 2008

Apparently style and color do matter to bass, see what's in this season.

ACT: Get your free ACT t-shirt!

Dec 12, 2008

This article tells you how to get your own ACT shirt for free.