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Fishing the float-n-fly

Nov 7, 2007

In truth, the Float-N-Fly technique is intricate to a high degree and carefully refined through years of testing. The result is a presentation that just may be the best ever devised for catching cold water bass.

A Weedguard, Not a Fishguard

Nov 6, 2007

Standard weedguards are designed to be fished on lines from 15-pound-test on up. When you use those same jigs with lighter line, or when you start fishing deeper, that weedguard becomes, in effect, a fishguard.

Wake Bait Awakening!

Nov 1, 2007

"When you see a shad separated from a school, you will see a little wake," explains Elite pro Brian Snowden. "The bass thinks the waking bait is an injured or separated baitfish. To a feeding bass, that's an easy meal."

Refresher for Fishing The Fall

Nov 1, 2007

As days grow shorter and air temperatures become more comfortable, the water temperature drops and baitfish get more active. Throw in a cool rain and substantial cold front and the game is on.

Pros Pointers: Stoning the fall migration

Nov 1, 2007

An understanding of the fall movements of bass and the proper approach to taking advantage of that predictability will pave the way to consistent success.

Modify your popper

Oct 31, 2007

The quick hook change to which she refers involves swapping the front No. 4 treble hook with a bigger, heavier size. The idea is to add a slight amount of weight to the front of the lure — just enough to pull the nose down a fraction of an inch.

It's all in the fall

Oct 30, 2007

While fall turnover is playing havoc with the main lake, the backs of creeks are generally immune to turnover.

Finesse Fishing, Part 1 of 4

Oct 25, 2007

In this article, you can read about Mike McClelland's finesse jigging technique and all of it's refinements.

The Finesse Way, Part 4 of 4

Oct 25, 2007

Read how California's Don Iovino sings the praises of finesse doodling and how tackle, rigging and his 5 Dos for Doodling give the information that perfects his technique.

Back of the Boat: Gearing Up Part 3 of 3

Oct 25, 2007

In this article, you can read how California co-angler Tom Frink decides what tackle he needs to win the tournament.

Back of the Boat: Keys to success as a co-angler Part 2 of 3

Oct 25, 2007

In this article, read how Bryan Talmadge recommends staying positive during the tournament as key to being successful.