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Publicity 101: Making your club news

Feb 8, 2007

Learn how to make local media work for your B.A.S.S. Club. This handy guide will help you navigate t

10 tips for fishing fallen trees

Feb 1, 2007

A magical series of fallen trees lying in 5 feet of water along the shoreline in pockets located nea

Winter patterns

Jan 17, 2007

Most anglers know the basics of patterning winter bass. Here, coldwater experts offer some advanced

Trip's tips for Classic winning patterns

Dec 29, 2006

In this article, you can read about Trip Weldon, one of central Alabama's most talented bass anglers

Seven ways to finesse

Dec 26, 2006

Read about the resurgence of finesse worms, a hot technique for top bass pros right now.

How to fish long bill jerkbaits

Dec 20, 2006

In this article, read what happened when Rob Kilby's Spoonbill cleared the edge of the grass. The ba

Tackling the deep freeze

Nov 3, 2006

Mark Tuker gives tips on tackling the deep freeze

8 tips for fishing seawalls and riprap

Oct 9, 2006

In this article, you can read about trying your hand at fishing rocky riprap and seawalls for a chan

Slugging it out with Wharton

Sep 24, 2006

In recent times, the Slug-Go no longer plays such a significant role on the Bassmaster Tournament Tr

Stir-crazy tricks from Scalish

Sep 17, 2006

"I like fiddling with my tackle," said Scalish, a BASS winner and trained graphic artist. "All pros

The donkey rig

Sep 7, 2006

"My friends and I call it the donkey rig," Menendez said. "It's absolutely one of the funniest ways