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Don't Kid Yourself, Bigger is Better

Mar 31, 2008

It's that time of year! Bass fishermen all around the country are thinking about catching big bass. Whether it's three-pounders from a small stream or river or six-pounders from a major reservoir, we all want to catch the biggest bass we can. It's in our nature

BT Quick Tip: Carolina Rigging

Mar 31, 2008

Bass Time Quick tips on carolina rigging

BT Quick Tip: Going Deep for Bronzebacks

Mar 31, 2008

In this article you will read about tips to catch bronzebacks.

BT Quick Tip: Swimbait Fever

Mar 31, 2008

Bass quick tips for swimbait fever.

BT Quick Tip: The Perfect Scouting Tool

Mar 31, 2008

In this article you will get tips on the perfect scouting tool.

BT Quick Tip:Bar Hopping

Mar 31, 2008

Quick tips for sandbar hopping.

Cold, Suspended Bass

Mar 31, 2008

Tips on winter fishing.

Fish the Ditches

Mar 31, 2008

Tips on fishing the ditches

Swimming a Jig

Mar 31, 2008

Tips on swimming a jig.

3 Tactics for Trappin' Lunker Bass

Mar 31, 2008

When you're unsure where bass are located in a big lake and searching for a bite, what's the best lure to use?

Get more from your spinnerbaits

Mar 27, 2008

This article talks about tips for spinnerbait.