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BassTech - Season 1 - Ep. 10

Sep 5, 2008

The Bass Rats are on a mission to find "the latest, greatest and updatest" toys in the marketplace for anglers.

BassTech - Season 1 - Ep. 9

Sep 5, 2008

This week on Bass Tech, Ryan Anaya comes to the Bass Rats for help on trimming his fuel costs for his boat and tow vehicle.

BassTech - Season 1 - Ep. 7

Sep 5, 2008

This week on BassTech it's not about who can go the fastest or who has the most bling. It's about keeping three little boys who lost their dad to cancer connected to the outdoors. The crew build the boys the Ultimate Fishing Fort.

BassTech - Season 1 - Ep. 8

Sep 5, 2008

This week on Bass Tech, we are helping fireman Ryan Tatchell organize his tackle and fishing equipment in his garage. The Bass Rats have come up with something to make all the guys at the fire station envious.

BassTech - Season 1 - Ep. 6

Sep 5, 2008

Skeet and Brownie go to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and find a bunch of new and cool gear. This gets them to thinking and the crew decide to do a project for themselves...The Ultimate Tricked Out Bass Boat.

BassTech - Season 1 - Ep. 5

Sep 5, 2008

Brian Mason bought 50 acres and it came with a pond...with no fish. Brian called the BassTech boys up and wanted to see what they could do to make his pond a fully functional fishing oasis.

BassTech - Season 1 - Ep. 4

Sep 5, 2008

In this episode, the team at BassTech tricks out a kick boat for guest angler Rich Caro of the Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club. The Basstech pros set up Caro's boat with a livewell, electronics, a trolling motor and a rod holder!

BassTech - Season 1 - Ep. 3

Sep 5, 2008

On this episode, police officer Tommy Moore is going to fish his first pro tournament, and he's asked the Bass Rats for some help on preparing his tackle and equipment for the event.

BassTech - Season 1 - Ep. 2

Sep 5, 2008

On this episode, Kim Striker is ready to start fishing the pro circuit. Trying to stay on a budget can be hard when the tour takes you to different states. So she is thinking about fixing her truck to be able to use it for camping on the road.

BassTech - Season 1 - Ep. 1

Sep 5, 2008

John Killough needs a new aluminum boat for a tournament, but his wife won't let him spend any more money for a new boat. What will the Bass Rats do?

KVD: Competitive Edge, part 3

Sep 4, 2008

In this three-part series we'll take a look at how Kevin VanDam fishes tournaments.