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It's All in the Fall: Part 1

Oct 13, 2008

If I had to leave the dock in the fall of the year with only one bait in my boat, it would be a Jewel Football Jig in peanut butter and jelly.

Grubbing on the river

Oct 9, 2008

One autumn day about five years ago, Steve was into a hot Potomac River bite. The bass were literally tearing up curled-tail grubs. He was down to his last bait, from which bass had already ripped the tail.

Targeting 'In-Between' Bass

Oct 6, 2008

"During this transition time, when the fish are between their summer holding areas and the flats back in the creeks, they can be difficult to find," says James Niggemeyer of Van, Texas.

Live Streaming Fishing

Oct 2, 2008

The older I get, the more I think about when I was young. I guess that makes sense since the older I get the more I have to remember and think back on.Some of my favorite memories are also some of the oldest — me and my father going fishing in the little creeks and streams near our home in southern Kentucky.

Jeff Kriet - Double when using a Fluke

Sep 28, 2008

Jeff Kriet wants you to double up with a fluke.

Ken Cook on fall fishing with shad

Sep 28, 2008

B.A.S.S. pro, Ken Cook, gives you tips on developing a fall pattern.

Mike McClelland - Football Jig

Sep 28, 2008

Mike McClelland discusses the football jig.

Randy Howell - Timber

Sep 28, 2008

Randy Howell talks about different ways to fish around fallen timber.

Have Fins Will Travel

Sep 21, 2008

"How far do smallmouth bass travel? I was really on 'em last week, and then yesterday I pulled into the same area and they were completely gone! What happened?" It's a great question, and I wish I had an answer that was worthy of it, but I'm afraid we still don't have enough information to answer that one with a lot of certainty

Day on the Lake - Lake Amistad

Sep 18, 2008

Enjoy a "Day on the Lake" following B.A.S.S. pro Chris Lane on Lake Amistad, Texas.

Day on the Lake - Lake Jordan II

Sep 18, 2008

Follow B.A.S.S. pro Randy Howell while he fishes Lake Jordan, Alabama.