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KVD Helps You Choose a Fishing Rod

Feb 5, 2009

"Too many anglers worry about materials, mechanics and names. Those things are important but the ultimate standard is to choose a rod that performs the task at hand properly."

A Day on the Lake: Scott Rook

Feb 4, 2009

We put the best professional anglers in the nation on a small lake they've never seen before, then give them seven hours to unlock its secrets while we log everything they do to find and catch bass in timeline fashion.

Never Stop Fishing - Trolling Motor

Feb 4, 2009

In this episode you'll learn how to properly store your trolling motor.

Spoonin' Techniques

Feb 4, 2009

Fishermen who simply take the spoon right from the package, tie it on, drop it over the side and begin jigging are not going to achieve the same level of success as anglers who tweak both the lure and the presentation.

A Pro's Approach

Feb 3, 2009

Josh Guess, second year BASS pro, says to keep an eye on the Florida natives in this Sunshine Showdown.

10 Ways to Hook Your Honey on Valentine's Day

Jan 29, 2009

Follow my 10-point plan and your honey will be smiling all day long — and you'll be smiling all night long!

KVD's Cold Spin

Jan 22, 2009

Spinnerbait is Kevin VanDam's go-to gear when the temperature drops, no matter what you're fishing for.

Clark Reehm - Tackle Storage

Jan 20, 2009

Clark Reehm with tips and tricks for storing your tackle.

Clark Reehm - Tricking out a Jon Boat

Jan 20, 2009

Clark Reehm on how to trick out your Jon boat.

Boyd Duckett on Reel Cleaning

Jan 20, 2009

B.A.S.S. pro, Boyd Duckett, demonstrates the proper way to clean a reel.

Shaw Grigsby - Drop Shot

Jan 16, 2009

Shaw Grigsby will show you how to use a dropshot on suspended fish.