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Kenyon Hill - Riprap

Sep 8, 2008

B.A.S.S. pro, Kenyon Hill, on techniques for fishing the riprap.

BassTech - Season 2 - Ep. 11

Sep 5, 2008

The Bass Rats go in depth on proper boat handling with new host Mary Delgado.

BassTech - Season 2 - Ep. 10

Sep 5, 2008

Brandon Lee's mom wrote in asking the Bass Rats to help give her son some fishing pointers.

BassTech - Season 2 - Ep. 9

Sep 5, 2008

This show is dedicated to the electronics of bass fishing.

BassTech - Season 2 - Ep. 8

Sep 5, 2008

John Eckensair is a 23 year old outdoorsman who frequently takes his two little sisters (age 14 & 15) to local ponds to fish. He is looking for a way to trick out his Avalanche to make it easier to pull up to the bank and find the fish.

BassTech - Season 2 - Ep. 7

Sep 5, 2008

Jonathan Garrie & Casey Sobczak are college students; they have asked the Bass Rats for help in how they can spruce up what they have and how to take care of their gear so that it will last long enough for them to graduate.

BassTech - Season 2 - Ep. 6

Sep 5, 2008

Every year, Triton gives away a fully rigged boat at the Bassmaster Classic. This year, they've asked the Bass Rats to accessorize the boat and appear on stage at the final weigh in to give it to the winner.

BassTech - Season 2 - Ep. 5

Sep 5, 2008

Rosann is tired of using all of her husbands hand-me-down equipment and wants her own gear. You won't want to miss what the Bass Rats have in store for her.

BassTech - Season 2 - Ep. 4

Sep 5, 2008

Kyle Tomek will be headed off to college next year and needs a small boat that he is easily transported and doesn't require a lot of storage room. In this episode of Bass Tech, the Bass Rats find a way to keep Kyle doing the thing he loves most: fishing.

BassTech - Season 2 - Ep. 3

Sep 5, 2008

Watch and laugh as the Bass Rats show us what happens "behind the scenes" on this special edition show.

BassTech - Season 2 - Ep. 1

Sep 5, 2008

The Bass Rats do their part to help the Frenette boys, who are victims from Hurricane Katrina and avid outdoorsmen, get back on the water and out in the duck blind.