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Kevin Short - Matching Hatch

Sep 2, 2009

Elite Series angler, Kevin Short, gives pointers on how to match your bait to the surrounding fish.

Our last summer hurrah

Sep 2, 2009

Sorry I haven't written for a couple of weeks. I've been on a family vacation since the last regular season event on Oneida. We wanted to do something as a family before the kids go back to school next Tuesday, the day after Labor Day. It's tough to do much as a family when the kids are in school.

To crank or not to crank

Sep 2, 2009

Fall is a time when lots of smallmouth anglers get away from the bottom-crawling baits that served them during the summer and opt for faster moving, horizontal lures like crankbaits and spinnerbaits. But not me.

The Finesse Way, Part 2 of 4

Sep 1, 2009

Elite Series Angler Marty Stone shares his tips on finesse drop shot rigs.

Kevin VanDam - Spinnerbaits

Aug 26, 2009

Kevin VanDam on selecting the right spinnerbait.

Not all docks are created equal

Aug 25, 2009

Fishing docks was a big part of Elite Series angler Preston Clark's youth in Florida.

Tommy Biffle: Spinnerbaits

Aug 24, 2009

Tommy Biffle is considered to be an expert in the field of spinnerbait fishing in the fall, and he shares his techniques with us.

Matching the hatch

Aug 24, 2009

On any given day, it's possible to catch a bass or two by tying on the first lure that strikes your fancy. However, in order to up the odds and make your catch rate more consistent, it's a better idea to have a method to the madness, rather than going with the first bait you see.

Rotating your tires

Aug 24, 2009

With a truck, a dual-axle boat trailer and a motor home, Texas pro Todd Faircloth has a lot invested in his tires. He has thousands of dollars worth of the round rubber road huggers, and he can't afford to have any of them let him down and leave him and his family stranded.

Tim Horton: Braid

Aug 24, 2009

Veteran angler Tim Horton still uses braid, he just camouflages it when necessary.

Tim Horton: Pork vs. plastic

Aug 24, 2009

Tim Horton discusses this controvercial question; should a jig trailer be pork or plastic?