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Here's where to look and how to catch bass in grass, no matter the season

Feb 1, 2007

Many bass anglers lump submerged aquatic vegetation like milfoil, coontail and hydrilla under the generic heading of "grass." For some, the term also covers lily pads and even floating plants like hyacinths. Many successful tournament pros speak of grass because they want to be vague about how and where they're catching bass to keep the competition guessing.

A high speed connection

Feb 1, 2007

Emerald Shiners, spot-tail shiners, red-tail chubs, bluntnose minnows, alewives, threadfin and gizzard shad, crawfish, hellgrammites and round gobies. The forage preferences of smallmouth bass throughout the country are well-known to most bass anglers.

Welding Grass for Monster Bass

Feb 1, 2007

As a few innovative anglers have discovered, "welding" is one of the best ways to quickly put a limit of quality fish in the boat.

Bass Magic of Milfoil

Feb 1, 2007

The Bass Magic of Eurasian Milfoil

News from the Nation

Jan 31, 2007

news from the federation

Field of 50 set for 2007 Classic

Jan 31, 2007

Final seven qualify through Series, Federation Nation championships

Colwell wins Series Championship,qualifies for Bassmaster Classic

Jan 27, 2007

Russell Colwell wins series championship

Banner day moves Lee closer to 50th and final spot in Classic

Jan 26, 2007

Two bass In Ten Pound Range Give Oklahoma Angler A Seven Pound Lead

Maryland angler 5 pounds up on Classic berth

Jan 25, 2007

Event winner will be the 50th qualifier for the 2007 classic

Oklahoman Royce Dennington Wins Bass Federation Nation Championship

Jan 24, 2007

Royce Dennington outfishes 53 other anglers.