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South Carolina Legislators At Bassmaster Classic

Mar 6, 2008

South Carolina Legislators attend the 38th Annual Bassmaster Classic.

Bassmaster Classic

Mar 4, 2008

The Bassmaster Classic trophy made a lot of stops on the way to it's owner, Alton Jones.

2008 April Lunker Club

Mar 4, 2008

The Bassmaster Lunker Club is a collection of photos submitted by members. This album features photo

'Itsy-bitsy' bass baits

Mar 4, 2008

Bassmasters know size matters. Sometimes bass are looking for a full-meal deal and will strike the b

2004 Bassmaster Classic: Omori

Mar 4, 2008

Omori, who first came to the United States in 1992 understanding hardly a word of English, finished

2004 Bassmaster Classic: Patterns revealed

Mar 4, 2008

Adjusting to water movement. Adjusting to changing light conditions. Adjusting to an influx of muddy

2004 Tournament Trail: Winning ways

Mar 4, 2008

Challenging best describes the 2003-2004 tournament season as new qualifying formats, stiff competit

35 greatest threats to fishing

Mar 4, 2008

Like those of us born in the baby boom generation, fishing has aged. We can see its vulnerabilities,

35 milestones in bass history

Mar 4, 2008

Following his All-American Bass tournament held in the fall of 1967 on Alabama's Smith Lake, Ray Sco

35 most valuable antique lures

Mar 4, 2008

Rummaging through Grandfather's attic, you find a box of old lures. You examine each bait, wondering