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Hartley and soul

Aug 13, 2008

Charlie Hartley is doing everything he can to hang in there after the Champion's Choice is over.

Confidence men

Aug 13, 2008

If Confidence could win a tournament, then Dean Rojas should be walking away from the Champion"s Choice with a trophy

Lowen finds bronze mine

Aug 13, 2008

Some of the angler's let us in on their techniques, what's working and what's not, on Day Three of the 2008 Champion's Choice.

Rojas felt this one coming

Aug 13, 2008

Dean Rojas walked in with the confidence that he was going to win, he fished the same way, and sure enough he walked away the prestigious winner of the 2008 Champion's Choice on Lake Oneida.

KVD surges into TTBAOY lead

Aug 13, 2008

While KVD is still sweating out the race for TTAOY he's celebrating his victory at the 2008 Elite Series Bluegrass Brawl.

KVD dodges a bullet

Aug 13, 2008

The pressure is steadily building, at the 2008 Tennessee Triumph, for some of the pros in contention for this years TTAOY.

I Blew It!

Aug 13, 2008

A look back at the 2008 TTAOY race with the runner-ups.

KVD returns to the top

Aug 13, 2008

Todd Faircloth was in the 2008 TTAOY race until the very end, giving KVD a run for his money.


Aug 12, 2008

2008 Bassmaster Angler of the Year, Kevin VanDam, was invited to appear on ESPN's sports shows in recognition of his achievement.

McClelland wins Berkley Heavyweight Award

Aug 11, 2008

McClelland wins 2008 Berkley Heavyweight Award