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Bassmaster Magazine: The Worldwide Authority on Bass Fishing

Jan 24, 2008

With BASS formally up and running in early 1968, founder Ray Scott knew he needed more than just his tournament series to keep existing members interested and new members sending in checks.

The Best Crankbaits Under $5

Jan 23, 2008

That big ol' bass in your favorite lake or pond really doesn't give a hoot how much you pay for your fishing lures.

A Day on the Lake Russ Lane: Midwinter

Jan 23, 2008

Welcome to Bassmaster's reality series! Here, we put top BASS pros on small lakes they've never seen before for seven hours, and then log everything they do to locate and catch bass.

2008 February Lunker Club

Jan 22, 2008

Bassmaster Magazine readers submit their lunkers for publication in the February 2008 issue.

Menendez follows the bait in fall

Jan 22, 2008

Nearly all of bass' movements in the late fall are related to forage, most notably shad. They change locales as the bait moves around the lake. Kentucky pro Mark Menendez has a system that keeps him in fish all day long, regardless of the conditions.

BASS is born

Jan 22, 2008

A lot of fishing fans believe that BASS began with the first modern fishing tournament on Beaver Lake, Ark., in the summer of 1967.

Peter T starts 2008 off right

Jan 19, 2008

Peter T wins 2008 Southern Open #1 on St. Johns River in Florida

VanDam holds lead at Open

Jan 18, 2008

JVD's big bag puts him on top after Day Two at Southern Open at St. Johns River in Florida

Anti-sportsmen's bill

Jan 18, 2008

Sportsmen helped defeat legislation backed by two New Jersey lawmakers that would have weakened the state's ability to manage natural resources for anglers and hunters.

Florida angler takes huge lead

Jan 18, 2008

With few anglers catching the five-fish limit Thursday on the stingy St. Johns River, Chris Daniels of Panama City, Fla., claimed the first-day lead as the Bassmaster tournament season kicked off the first Bassmaster Southern Open.