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Animated Tips - Ripping

Sep 17, 2008

This animated clip shows how ripping can work for you.

Mashapaug Gets Cleaned Up

Sep 16, 2008

Rhode Island BASS Federation Nation (RI BFN) spearheaded a mass clean-up project of the Mashapaug Pond in Providence/Cranston, R.I.

Legends & Lore - Father of Flippin'

Sep 16, 2008

In the early years of B.A.S.S., many techniques were shared amongst the competitive anglers.

Legends & Lore - All American

Sep 16, 2008

In 1967, Ray Scott came up with the idea to put on a fully regulated big money fishing tournament. He called it the All-American and held it on Beaver Lake in Springdale Arkansas.

Legends & Lore - Angler of the Year

Sep 16, 2008

The 1992 Angler of the Year showdown.

Legends & Lore - Bass Clubs

Sep 16, 2008

Learn how some of the first Bass clubs began.

Legends & Lore - Bassmaster Magazine

Sep 16, 2008

With the addition of Outdoor writer Bob Cobb to the staff in 1969, Bassmaster Magazine was born, giving to the public a direct guide to bass fishing.

Legends & Lore - Carl Kiekhaefer

Sep 16, 2008

Carl was the founder of Mercury Marine and has a very colorful background. He began his business with no intention of building outboard motors.

Legends & Lore - Catch & Release

Sep 16, 2008

Ray Scott was invited to host a trout fishing event and was amazed at how excited grown men got when they released one of the small fish alive. If these guys got excited about a puny trout, how would people react seeing an 8-pound bass released?

Legends & Lore - Classic Rookies

Sep 16, 2008

When a competitor finally qualifies for the Classic the first time, an angler can get a little overwhelmed by bass fishing's biggest event.