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Day Four Weigh-In

May 15, 2011

See images from the final weigh-in and the crowning of the Evan Williams Bourbon Carolina Clash champion at Lake Murray.

Day Four behind the scenes

May 15, 2011

How to break a tie?

May 15, 2011

Clearing up the confusion following Sunday’s near tie

Casey croons at Clash

May 15, 2011

Casey Ashley triumphs at home in South Carolina

Day Four On the Water II

May 15, 2011

More of the action from on the water at Lake Murray

Day Four on the water

May 15, 2011

Take a look at on-the-water photos from Day Four on Lake Murray.

In the boat with Edwin Evers

May 15, 2011

Follow Edwin Evers as he fishes the 2011 Evan Williams Bourbon Carolina Clash.

Day Four - Launch

May 15, 2011

Check out photos from the launch of competition on day four of the Carolina Clash.

Casey Ashley sings again

May 15, 2011

Casey Ashley released a CD of new songs this week during the Evan Williams Bourbon Carolina Clash.

21 days of spring

May 15, 2011

The earth came for us these past 21 days of Spring, taking family, friends, memories and laid heavy the weight upon the earth.

Queue 'Jaws' theme: Shark is circling

May 14, 2011

Evers only one left in Clash who can do any more damage toward TTBAOY.