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20 Questions with Hackney

Feb 2, 2010

Greg Hackney answered his 20 questions about his fishing career

20 Questions with Grigsby

Feb 2, 2010

Shaw Grigsby is an 8-time BASS winner and 11-time Classic qualifier. But it's his first time answering our 20 questions.

20 Questions with Fralick

Feb 2, 2010

<photo1>Jami Fralick qualified for the 2009 Bassmaster Classic through the Bassmaster Opens. After leading Day 2 at the Classic, he is more determined than ever to get a win in the upcoming Elite season. In his 20 Questions, Fralick confirms that there are bass in South Dakota and tells us why he's willing to offend people for a win.

20 Questions with Faircloth

Feb 2, 2010

He posted a win in the 2008 Elite Series season at Lake Amistad, and is sure to pass the million-dollar mark in career winnings during the 2009 season. Here's how the Texan answered his 20 questions:

20 Questions with Duckett

Feb 2, 2010

The Alabama pro is easily one of the busiest men on tour, but still found time to answer our 20 questions.

20 Questions with Crochet

Feb 2, 2010

Cliff Crochet has fulfilled a lifelong dream. Sweetening the deal is his qualification for the 2010 Elite Series, which he hopes is the first of many seasons on tour. Here's how the Cajun rookie answered our 20 Questions

20 Questions with Crews

Feb 2, 2010

John Crews qualified for the Bassmaster Classic four times, won almost half a million dollars in prize money and designed products for several major tackle companies. Until now, though, he had never answered our 20 questions.

20 Questions with Clunn

Feb 2, 2010

Rick Clunn answered our 20 questions about his fishing career

20 Questions with Brauer

Feb 2, 2010

Denny Brauer answers our 20 questions about his fishing career

20 Questions with Biffle

Feb 2, 2010

Tommy Biffle has been a part of the BASS tournament trail for 23 years. Let's see how creative Tommy gets with our 20 questions

Falcon's on fire!

Feb 1, 2010

Well, I just got back from Falcon Lake. I went down to pick up the motor home for the upcoming Elite season.