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Lowrance continues sponsorship of Bassmaster Elite Series, B.A.S.S. Federation Nation

Jun 24, 2009

Lowrance and BASS, the worldwide authority on bass fishing, have announced that Lowrance will contin

One Last Hurrah

Jun 23, 2009

The Bassmaster Elite Series season is just one event away from BASS' first-ever postseason. For the

Published by Anglers Who Care

Jun 23, 2009

The sign above Todd Larson's desk reads "Respect the author." It's his takeaway from years as a publ

Bassmaster U - River Rumble

Jun 23, 2009

The B.A.S.S. pros answer questions about fishing.

Short sighted

Jun 22, 2009

Kevin Short comes up big to win his first elite series at the 2009 River Rumble.

Just call me 'Kat'

Jun 22, 2009

It has been said that 90 percent of what we think about a person is determined in the first 90 secon

The One that Got Away

Jun 22, 2009

While every angler has at least one that has gotten away, as pros we have a bunch. Some have deeper

Train wreck

Jun 22, 2009

In this article you will see the 2009 elite series River Rumble, where you will see Kevin VanDam, Sk

River Rumble

Jun 22, 2009

In this photo gallery you will see images from the 2009 elite series River Rumble.

Takahiro Omori's Mississippi River Big Bass

Jun 19, 2009

Takahiro Omori, or "Tak" as he's known on the tour, found his big bass spot close to home.