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A historic look at Day One of the Bassmaster Classic

Feb 18, 2011

A look at Classic tournaments that's received plenty of attention.

2011 Bassmaster Classic - Day One - Launch II

Feb 18, 2011

This gallery features photos from the day one launch of the 2011 Bassmaster Classic.

The Weighmaster Trip Weldon

Feb 18, 2011

Trip Weldon's got one of the best seats in the house at the Classic: on stage with the anglers.

Two Bassmaster Classic stages this year

Feb 18, 2011

Fans who attend the 41st Bassmaster Classic at the New Orleans Arena will be treated to alternating action on two stages.

New emcee to make his debut

Feb 18, 2011

Dave Mercer claims that emceeing the Classic in the New Orleans Arena is the first job he's ever studied for.

2011 Bassmaster Classic - Day One - Launch

Feb 18, 2011

This album features photos from the 2011 Bassmaster Classic day one launch.

Starting Right at the Bassmaster Classic

Feb 18, 2011

There's an old saying about the Bassmaster Classic that you can't win it in one day, but you can surely lose it. Just ask Basil Bacon, who blanked on the first day of the 1979 Classic then came roaring back to finish second, just three pounds - one good fish - behind Hank Parker.

Keeping things in perspective

Feb 18, 2011

Here's the deal: I'm really pumped up about this Classic. I can't say I've ever felt this way.

Time to roll the dice

Feb 18, 2011

It's the first day of the Bassmaster Classic, and I hope I'm putting 5-pounders in my livewell as you read this.

A change of plans for Bill Lowen in the Bassmaster Classic

Feb 17, 2011

Bill Lowen, well-known shallow water specialist and one of a number of anglers observers are keeping an eye on as the 2011 Bassmaster Classic gets underway, has made a major last minute adjustment in his strategy. It's the kind of thing few anglers would do. But Lowen says he doesn't feel he has any other option.