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Sinking braid

Mar 1, 2011

Life was simpler when monofilament was the only line choice. Then along came superbraid, followed by fluorocarbon. Each of these lines has unique properties, and advanced anglers use them for different applications.

Destination: Lake O.H. Ivie

Jan 25, 2011

Tips for fishing Lake O.H. Ivie in the summertime

Robinson: Simple Scents

Jan 21, 2011

As our waterways get increasingly pressured and the bass within them get correspondingly more wary, it has become imperative to appeal to all five of their senses. But making a perfect presentation takes time, and with limited hours in the day, sometimes it's imperative to figure out whether it's worth it to sacrifice some of that perfection in order to get in more casts.

Ashmore Talks Fall Bassin

Nov 9, 2009

In this article Scott Ashmore gives you an inside look at different types of lures to use for bass fishing and a small history of his fishing experience.