Topics: hydrilla

Overcoming summer heat

Jul 8, 2013

It seems that fish are a lot like people in the heat of the summer; they naturally seek shade or cover. Timmy Horton tells us where to look for them.

Two Bassmaster Classic competitors break the mold on the Louisiana Delta

Feb 18, 2011

Two anglers ran to opposite ends of the Louisiana Delta on Day One of the Classic with opposite results.

Things that escape and conquer

Apr 22, 2010

Invasive species are nothing new. A non-native creature gets introduced to the environment, throwing the natural system out of whack and causes a lot of problems.

Okeechobee Open preview

Jan 14, 2010

Abnormally cold weather is in store for the 2010 Bassmaster Southern Open.

Tim Horton: Braid

Aug 24, 2009

Veteran angler Tim Horton still uses braid, he just camouflages it when necessary.

Spraying during the Spawn

Apr 17, 2009

Water bodies can become choked with both native and exotic plants, such as hydrilla and Eurasian water milfoil, and when that happens, the forage base bass depend upon will change.

New Strategies for Shallow Water

May 7, 2008

Tips for new techniques and why you don't have to avoid drop-shotting anymore.

Kissimmee Chain

Apr 28, 2008

What the Elite pros used to win at the Citrus Slam on the Kissimmee Chain.

Fishing lite

Mar 4, 2008

"BASS came into being because I was able to convince a few stalwarts that my ideas about bass tournaments and conservation weren't totally crazy."

The high points of drawdowns

Mar 4, 2008

As an avid bass angler, Mike Hulon knows from personal experience the extraordinary fishing that arises during that low water period.