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Hackney: Whatever happened to spinnerbaits?

Jul 29, 2015

Way back when I first started fishing competitively I fished a lot of water that was anywhere from stained to downright muddy. That’s rare these days.

Hot Product Press: Storm Arashi Deep 25

Jul 28, 2015

What is it? Storm Arashi Deep 25 What does it do? This is a crankbait designed to go deep, and it does just that. How do I use it?

Creating allure in a lure

Jul 26, 2015

Stephen Browning and fellow Elite David Walker spent the past two years providing feedback for dozens of tweaks to perfect LiveTarget's Hollow Body Sunfish, which won Best of Show in the Soft Lure category.

Hot Product Press: Livingston Lures Deep Impact 18

Jul 23, 2015

What is it? Livingston Lures Deep Impact 18 What does it do? This crankbait targets deep water where the bass live during the heat of the summer. The Deep Impact 18 covers the 16-18 foot range and fits the bill when bass are on the ledges and deep points across the country.

Christie: Trying out new products

Jul 22, 2015

I think that’s important for all fishermen – try new products and see what fits your style of fishing.

Elite Man Caves: Randy Howell

Jul 22, 2015

We take a tour of Randy Howell's home base and see how he prepares for the Elite Series and Bassmaster Classic.

Schultz: My top ICAST picks

Jul 22, 2015

These are simply products that caught Bernie Schultz's eye during ICAST 2015.

ICAST showcases industry savvy

Jul 21, 2015

There’s an old adage in the fishing tackle sales: You don’t have to catch fish, you just have to catch the fisherman. That couldn’t be more outdated.

299 New ICAST products

Jul 21, 2015

Here's a look at all the products that caught our eye at ICAST 2015.

A few more new ICAST products

Jul 20, 2015

ICAST is over, but we still have some new products to show you.