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Ike breaks down topwater frogs

Jun 25, 2015

Mike Iaconelli says bass will bite a topwater frog in water temps that range from roughly 55 to 90 degrees, and that action really starts hoppin’ when surface temps surpass 70.

Hot Product Press: Winn Rod Grips

Jun 23, 2015

What is it?

Brandon Lester's 5 favorite ledge baits

Jun 22, 2015

Get a close look at Brandon Lester's favorite baits for ledge fishing.

KVD: Gearing up for ICAST

Jun 22, 2015

ICAST attendees are a mix of manufacturers (exhibitors showing off their latest items), buyers (who will order the products they believe their customers want) and media (who report on the innovations and developments in the world of fishing gear).

Elite Man Caves: Ott DeFoe

Jun 19, 2015

Tennessee angler Ott DeFoe shows us where he prepares for the Bassmaster Elite Series.

Hot Product Press: St. Croix Avid X

Jun 17, 2015

What is it? St. Croix’s newest rod line, the Avid X. What does it do? The Avid X is an expansion on the Avid line, and adds top-notch touches, making already good rods even more effective and angler friendly. 

Inside Elite Boats: Casey Ashley's Triton 21TRX

Jun 15, 2015

Casey Ashley, the winner of the 2015 GEICO Bassmaster Classic, let a photographer board his 2015 Triton 21TRX.

What's in their trucks?

Jun 10, 2015

Justin Lucas, John Crews and Fletcher Shryock show off the gear stored under their truck caps.

Hackney: Selecting the proper jig, part 3

Jun 5, 2015

Another thing that every good flippin’ jig has is a heavy, stiff weedguard, and it should always lay right over the hook point.

KVD: Put some swing in your plastics

May 29, 2015

I’ve made a good living fishing big crankbaits and Texas rigged worms during the summer, but in the past couple years I’ve added another valuable tool to my arsenal – the swing head jig.

Hot Product Press: Huk KVD performance fishing apparel

May 26, 2015

What is it? Huk (pronounced “hook”) Performance Fishing Gear’s newest line of technical angler clothing, the Kevin VanDam Signature Apparel Line — offered exclusively at Bass Pro Shops.