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Reel Adrenaline energy drink

Aug 19, 2013

Reel Adrenaline = real energy!

TH Marine Two-Way Alarm

Aug 19, 2013

This alarm system can go off like a car alarm or simply send a signal to your key fob telling you that mischief is afoot.

5 Elites pick their top blade baits

Aug 18, 2013

Elite Series pros share their favorite blade baits, and the secrets to using them!

The birth of a Triton

Aug 17, 2013

Follow along as we explore the Triton plant in Arkansas and watch as a 21HP is made by hand.


Aug 16, 2013

Bassmaster Elite Series pro David Walker says that the HFC Craw is ideal for cold water or prespawn or around rock. He expects the unique action to excel in tough fishing conditions.

15 deadliest baits from New York

Aug 16, 2013

BassGold brings you the top lures from the St. Lawrence River.

Pros' favorite topwaters

Aug 15, 2013

Elite Series pros share their fave for a topwater bite.

2014's hottest new reels

Aug 14, 2013

Thou shalt covet these 26 new bass fishing reels!

Lowrance Elite 5 HDI

Aug 14, 2013

A 5-inch powerhouse from Lowrance.

Tour Elite pro Chip Porche's Tundra

Aug 14, 2013

Elite Series rookie Chip Porche lets us take a look inside his tournament tow vehicle.

2013: Top 5 baits on the St. Lawrence

Aug 11, 2013

The War Room team discusses what the best lures have been this week on the river.