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A crankbait that gets to the bottom of things

Jul 16, 2014

Yes, it sinks, but the new S.O.B. crankbait does a lot more than that.

A look at the New Product Showcase

Jul 15, 2014

New products are here! Take a look at some of the latest products in the New Product Showcase at ICAST 2014.

Hot baits, big fish

Jul 15, 2014

The first-ever Tackle X was held at Lake X, part of the Kirchman Foundation's 10,000-acre facility.

Keith Combs talks about his Humminbird 360

Jul 14, 2014

Elite pro Keith Combs on how he uses his electronics to help him win.

Pros love frogs!

Jul 11, 2014

Topwater frogs and toads provide some of the most exciting bass fishing there is. Check out what some of the top pros like to throw!

JVD's 5 fave warm weather baits

Jul 11, 2014

39 products you've never seen

Jul 8, 2014

More products making their debut at ICAST 2014.

How to use the YUM Lizard

Jul 3, 2014

Zach King shows how to use the YUM lizard to trigger strikes.

Hot product press: SwimWays Sea Squirts

Jul 3, 2014

According to the manufacturer, this life jacket provides flotation for children ages 2-7 regardless of whether they’re just having fun or need help staying afloat to survive.

Ike talks crankbait fishing

Jul 1, 2014

Mike Iaconelli talks about his favorite crankbait and how to fish it.