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'These fish are nuts'

Feb 15, 2014

Rich Howes began his practice on Guntersville yesterday with this. He said two things to us with this picture: "Ask Trip how to handle this. This fish are nuts."   Let's hope those fish are just as crazy next week. Great pic! 

Ott's first practice bass

Feb 15, 2014

Elite angler Ott Defoe shared with us his first practice bass from yesterday on Guntersville. 

ABT may reveal winning patterns for Classic

Feb 15, 2014

How much can Bassmaster Classic anglers profit from the patterns that hauled some tremendous bags out of Lake Guntersville in the inaugural Alabama Bass Trail tournament?

Video: 2003 Bassmaster Classic

Feb 15, 2014

Confidence has never been a problem for Michael Iaconelli, and in the giant marshland known as the Louisiana Delta, he lived up to the old Dizzy Dean adage that, "it ain't bragging if you can back it up."

How the cold will affect Guntersville fishing

Feb 14, 2014

It's been an unpredictable winter at Guntersville this year -- what does that mean for the weather conditions at this year's Classic?

What is this #bassmasterclassic thing?

Feb 14, 2014

If you follow the hashtag #bassmasterclassic on any platform that uses hashtags — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Google+ or Pinterest — you will find tons of information, photos and videos of the world’s biggest bass fishing event.

Early look at Guntersville

Feb 14, 2014

Tournament Director Trip Weldon visits Guntersville one week before the GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by Diet Mountain Dew and GoPro. 

Why Guntersville is Classic worthy

Feb 14, 2014

Lake Guntersville has been recognized as one of the nation's greatest bass fishing spots for more than 40 years, and recent Bassmaster polls have consistently ranked it consistently as one of the top in the country.

Video: 2002 Bassmaster Classic

Feb 14, 2014

Watch as Jay Yelas is crowned Classic champ at the 2002 Bassmaster Classic.

Ott DeFoe reports he is getting close

Feb 13, 2014