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Kenyon Hill: Hard or soft swimbaits?

May 7, 2010

Kenyon Hill believes that the kind of cover the fish is using will determine whether he uses soft or hard swimbait.

Burning Buzzbaits

May 27, 2009

BASS Elite angler Bernie Schultz tells us how to 'burn the buzzbait' effectively.

Shad fetish

Mar 4, 2008

Spring through fall, Echols tunes in to shad movements to stay in touch with feeding bass. He targets high spots next to creek and river channels. Here bass feed on suspended shad that roam over sloping bottoms and ledges.

Pros Pointers: Stoning the fall migration

Nov 1, 2007

An understanding of the fall movements of bass and the proper approach to taking advantage of that predictability will pave the way to consistent success.