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Evers' 5 favorite fall lures

Nov 20, 2014

Elite Series pro Edwin Evers picks his 5 favorite lures for tricking bass this time of year.

Jason Williamson's fall topwater tricks

Oct 11, 2011

You made the perfect walk-the-dog retrieve around that stickup, but your presentation failed to trigger a strike. What went wrong?

When to frog and when to toad

Mar 1, 2011

Because hollow, weedless frogs and solid plastic toads excel in shallow grass, many anglers think they are interchangeable. They are wrong. Frogs and toads are two very different lures and presentations. The question is, when do you frog and when do you toad?

Wounded soldier leaves Klein impressed

Jul 27, 2010

The Hope for the Warriors program teamed up Sean DeBevoise of North Carolina with Elite Series pro Gary Klein for a day of fishing Lake Cameron.