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Crankbait niches for postspawn bass

Apr 12, 2012

This is payback time. It's when you can get even for all those tough, slow-bite days during other times of the year.

Offshore Bass

Aug 18, 2010

Tips on targeting Bass offshore during those summertime months

Suspended Bass

Aug 18, 2009

Tips on finding and catching suspended bass in the summertime.

Buzzbaits In The Shallows

Mar 18, 2009

Klein says some fish invariably "go against the book," and when they do, they present open-minded anglers with special opportunities to catch them.

Kentucky Lake: Grand Jewel

Jul 1, 2008

This giant body of water offers bass anglers every type of fishing imaginable

For The Birds

Jan 16, 2008

November and December are terrible months to be a shad on Kentucky Lake," notes Scott Loxley, a veterinarian and lifelong bass angler from Clarksville, Tenn.

Brauer: Deep Docks for Summer

Jan 16, 2008

In July, when he launches onto a lake that is lined by deep boat docks, pro angler Chad Brauer's anxiety level rises like a thermometer in a midsummer heat wave.

Deep Structure For Postspawners

Jan 16, 2008

Bass Patterns: Deep Structure For Postspawners

River Jetties for Early Fall

Jan 16, 2008

The Arkansas River Navigation Project includes hundreds of miles of jetties and riprap banks.