Topics: Tips

Weekdays vs. weekends

Apr 25, 2007

Here's how to win the weekend water wars on busy bass lakes

When bass won't bite

Apr 23, 2007

When bass are passive, don't be aggressive. Here's how the BASS pros lull inactive fish into eating

Tactics for rocky reservoirs

Apr 16, 2007

In some reservoirs it's the predominant bass habitat. And when that is the case, sorting through the rockpiles, outcroppings, sheer bluffs and other geographical formations can be a perplexing proposition at best.

Superline Niches

Apr 16, 2007

Savvy anglers realize that using one line for all bass fishing applications is a huge mistake. Find out what techniques are best served with this new breed of string.

Bass under cover

Apr 13, 2007

Tips on finding bass under cover

Schedule your season

Apr 13, 2007

Anglers work on timing and perfect athletic execution to pick apart their adversary, targeting his weaknesses and taking advantage of every deficiency.

Cranking timber with Marty Stone

Apr 9, 2007

In winning the 1990 Bassmaster Classic, Rick Clunn dispelled a myth that lipped baits and their trailing, sharp set of treble hooks aren't effective when fished through heavy timber.

Reversing the Texas rig

Apr 5, 2007

"Being different is a big theme nowadays," says Mike Iaconelli, the 2006 Bassmaster Angler of the Year. "Fish have seen a regular Texas rigged plastic worm 10 times a day for the last five years."

Prespawn: The final move

Apr 2, 2007

It's common bass fishing knowledge that a lake's entire population of largemouth does not assault the shallows to spawn in one great wave.

Tapping floating docks

Mar 23, 2007

Pro Jimmy Mason gives us tips on how to catch fish under and around floating docks.