Topics: Tips

World's Greatest Fishing Show - Episode 4

Apr 28, 2008

Mark Zona and James Hall talk about how the right lure can make the difference.

Boyd Duckett: Drop Shot

Apr 28, 2008

Boyd Ducketts explains how to use the drop shot properly, you'll catch more fish that way.

Boyd Duckett: Shad Rap

Apr 28, 2008

According to Boyd Duckett, you won't find a crankbait that catches more fish than a Shad Rap, but it does have it's drawbacks.

Byron Velvick: Overcoming the cold

Apr 28, 2008

Elite Series pro Byron Velvick gives us tips on Spring fishing in cold weather.

Byron Velvick: Swimbaits

Apr 28, 2008

Elite Series pro Byron Velvick tells us how to choose the right swimbait.

Change your attitude about colors

Apr 24, 2008

The fishing industry is extremely competitive, and a bad decision can mean the difference between a bait you can't keep on the shelves (because it's so popular) and one that no one wants in his tacklebox.

The Red Eye Shad

Apr 23, 2008

Kevin VanDam is a big fan of the new Red Eye Shad and he's got tips on how to use it effectively.

Slow Down, Change Up for Postspawn Bass

Apr 21, 2008

Former Bassmaster Elite Series pro Jay Fuller gives us tips for fishing postspawn.

The Red Eye Shad

Apr 21, 2008

The Red Eye Shad took over 30 months to develop, but it was well worth it.

Fine-Tuning Your Spinnerbaits

Apr 18, 2008

There's a lot more to fishing spinnerbaits than meets the eye