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Bothering bass on the beds

Jan 13, 2015

Put something into her bed that looks and acts like a threat to her eggs — big, bad and ugly.

The intimidation factor

Jan 9, 2015

I thought KVD was going to wish him luck. Instead he warned that he'd bury him at the weigh-in scales that afternoon.

Fishing channel swings

Jan 7, 2015

Success fishing these areas begins with understanding what a channel swing looks like from under the water.

Finding a fishing hotspot with Bobby Lane

Jan 7, 2015

Bobby Lane's hot streak on Kentucky Lake shows how to exploit a hot spot when you find it.

Wheel bearings

Jan 1, 2015

Greg Hackney on getting the bass to bite

Dec 31, 2014

Greg Hackney talks about how he coaxes a strike out of an area.

Think shallow this winter — sometimes

Dec 29, 2014

The baitfish were attracted to the warm water, and the bass were attracted to the baitfish.

Fish riprap for winter success: Part 2

Dec 29, 2014

Fish that move up in the water column aren’t necessarily in an active feeding mode.

Take advantage of winter warm-ups

Dec 26, 2014

When Christmas gets here, plus or minus a week, Jason Christie puts the bow and arrow up and grabs his fishing rods.

McKinnis and Zona talk rigging soft plastics

Dec 24, 2014

Some helpful advice from Jerry McKinnis and Mark Zona on finding the right hook and weight for soft plastics.