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Grand Lake fishing different, for most

Jun 21, 2007

In this article, you can read how an ever-changing Grand Lake makes for a new fishing environment with different challenges for anglers in the the 2007 Elite Series Sooner Run.

Even VanDam makes mistakes

May 7, 2007

With two Bassmaster Classic titles and more than $2 million in winnings in BASS events, it's obvious Kevin VanDam doesn't make many mistakes once he gets a fish hooked. But he made one Thursday on the Arkansas River during the CITGO Bassmaster Legends Tournament presented by Goodyear.

Rick Clunn's approach to spectators

May 7, 2007

Rick Clunn believes no one will ever win another Bassmaster Classic like he did in 1984 on the Arkansas River at Pine Bluff. It doesn't matter where or when the Classic is held, he thinks changes in the sport have eliminated the chance of anyone emulating Clunn's method.

VanDam on top at American

May 7, 2007

2006 major series American.

Twelve survive tough day on Wylie

May 7, 2007

2006 major series american

Day Three: Wylie pressure cooker

May 7, 2007

Jason Quinn slept much better Friday night than he did any other night this week.

Super Six set; Wolak on top, Quinn in

May 7, 2007

Bassmaster American-Lake Wylie

Wolak in position for first BASS win

May 7, 2007

On one hand, Dave Wolak's five-pound lead in the race for a $250,000 check is exactly where you'd want to be. On the other hand, being in first place one day on Lake Wylie is the worst place to be if your goal is first place the next day.

A fish of a tale

Mar 11, 2007

The clear water at Lake Amistad can help the anglers see the bass, but unfortunately they also see the ones that got away.

"Greatest TV show of all time"

Mar 11, 2007

Lake Amistad has already been unpredictable, and now, here comes the rain.