Topics: Pete Robbins

Gerald Swindle: Cashing in on backwaters

Nov 15, 2010

Gerald Swindle shares his science and what to look for when fishing the backwaters. He describes where to fish, adjusting to the wind, baits to use and other variables.

Greg Vinson: Dissecting tailraces

Nov 15, 2010

Probably the best time to fish a tailrace on Southeastern reservoirs is in the summertime. Then oxygen levels are at their lowest on the lakes. So what you have is one big comfort zone, an area with cool water and plenty of oxygen, a magnet that attracts both small and spotted bass and sometimes largemouth.

Greg Vinson: Understanding spotted bass behavior

Nov 15, 2010

Learn how hard cover and current can help to find the spotted bass as Greg Vinson shares his expertise. If he knows where a school of outsized spots is located, he'll "camp out" on them.

Hackney: Back to the roots

Nov 15, 2010

Greg Hackney give tips on getting Back to the roots

Hackney: Stumpfield sweet spots

Nov 15, 2010

Greg Hackney gives tips on Stumpfield sweet spots

Matt Reed: Shellbed Fishing

Nov 3, 2010

Elite Series pro Matt Reed points out that if he has a chance he will always fish a shellbed because the potential payout is definitely worth the effort. He describes how they tend to concentrate the fish, so you can make the same cast again and again and keep getting bit.

Peter Thliveros: Slowing down

Nov 3, 2010

Peter Thliveros likes to pick an area, get settled in and fish for the winning catch. Making the most of his time, Thliveros says he's perfectly happy to focus on five or fewer spots.

Peter Thliveros: Split shotting

Nov 3, 2010

One of the best Carolina riggers on the Elite Series tournament trail, Florida's Peter Thliveros often turns to the split shot technique when a more aggressive presentation shuts down the bite completely.

Roumbanis: Prowling Ponds

Oct 27, 2010

Fred Roumbanis gives tips on Prowling Ponds for Progress.

Michael Iaconelli: Channeling Emotions

Sep 13, 2010

New Jersey Bassmaster Elite Series pro angler Mike Iaconelli is an open book, just ask anyone.