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2008 Elite Series Lone Star Shootout: Day One, Behind the Scenes

Apr 3, 2008

In this photo gallery, you'll find behind-the-scenes images from Day One of the 2008 Elite Series Lone Star Shootout on Falcon Lake, near Zapata, Texas.

Aaron Martens: Bridges are bass magnets

Mar 10, 2008

The media referred to him as the "troll under the bridge," and he didn't bristle at the description. After all, Martens depends on bridges during many different seasons and all over the country.

Bill Lowen: Go big or go home

Mar 10, 2008

Bill Lowen was raised fishing the stingy Ohio River, where a limit is a rarity for many anglers, and a really heavy limit is a once-a-decade event.

Bill Lowen: Skinny water boat set-up

Mar 10, 2008

Wouldn't he be better off in a johnboat, a kayak or a canoe? After all, the self-proclaimed "river rat" loves to venture as far up a tributary as he can.

Bobby Lane: Weighted swimbaits

Mar 10, 2008

Bobby Lane, Floridian and 2008 Rookie of the Year in the Bassmaster Elite Series, may not have developed his swimbait knowledge over the long term, but at the 2009 Elite Series event on Kentucky Lake he showed that he's a quick study.

Boyd Duckett: Don't think too much!

Mar 10, 2008

Duckett says that as novice anglers begin to acquire more knowledge about the sport, they tend to complicate things. That's where most weekend anglers get into trouble.

Brent Chapman: Cyber-bassing

Mar 10, 2008

A lot of the best uses of technology can come from the desktop personal computer you have at home or a laptop that you take on the road.

Britt Myers: Seining docks for multiple fish

Mar 10, 2008

For Myers, not all docks are created equal: Some hold no fish; some hold one fish; and some hold multiple fish. When fishing pressure hits its peak, Myers focuses on docks that harbor mini-schools of bass.

Britt Myers: Vehicle Additions That Make Sense

Mar 10, 2008

The North Carolina pro owns CS Motorsports, a one-stop shop for any vehicle owner's needs, and he has become something of a truck guru for the tour.

Chad Griffin: The right grass jig

Mar 10, 2008

Read how at the 2009 Elite Series final, Chad Griffin complemented a topwater popper with a grass jig of his own making and won the tournament.